Mystery Of Woman Who Went To ER And Vanished 32 Years Ago Solved Thanks To ‘Nightly’ Report – Video

Mystery Of Woman Who Went To ER And Vanished 32 Years Ago Solved Thanks To ‘Nightly’ Report – Video

Myrtle Brown, who went to a hospital back in 1990 was never seen again by anyone. Her family members ended up holding a virtual memorial for her. Back in 1990, Eboney Brown when she was only 13-years-old, her mother Myrtle Brown went missing. That time, Myrtle Brown went to New York to meet her best friend when her purse was taken away by pickpocket, which contained her identity cards and epilepsy medication. Myrtle told her family that she is not feeling well and went to the emergency room at King’s County Hospital in Brooklyn for the medication.

Soler shared that looking at the reconstruction, it seems like she is a middle-aged Black lady. And the family’s description also matched completely. Soler and her team came to know that she went missing in May, 1990. Soler knew where to begin the investigation. Soler constantly for two months reviewed numerous records of unverified unknowns and missing people or with the name which was not confirmed or found to be true. She began her investigation on the date Myrtle went missing, then she found what she was thinking of a probable match to Myrtle. They said that the unverified lady in the reconstruction was not Myrtle.

Soler explained that, the information says the date of her passing away in Brooklyn which matched her family’s information that she earlier used to receive medical treatments from Brooklyn. Myrtle’s name and date of birth was matched and the family’s description about her getting medical treatments, about her going missing matched what was in the case records, she added. Soler soon informs Robert that she thinks she has found her sister. Robert can’t believe what he heard. Eboney was also there on the call when Soler shared this news that she had found it in the case file.

Eboney asks for the photograph so that they can confirm that it’s actually Myrtle. And the moment when Robert saw the picture he knew it was her, his sister, Myrtle. Eboney said the photograph refreshed everything. She shared that the moment she saw the photo she knew that it was her mother. Myrtle Brown, who was 35 years old at that time, never registered herself or got admitted to the King’s County Hospital, Brooklyn. The truth was she lost her life away while waiting in the emergency room and unfortunately the only information that hospital records received from her was her name and date of birth.

After finally knowing the truth, Browns were at peace and conducted a virtual memorial for Myrtle. Meanwhile, Soler hoped that Browns’ story can encourage other families with missing members to take necessary steps. Although, it wasn’t the same individual who they thought by seeing the reconstruction of clay face. Anyways it helped them to restart and solve the case, said Soler.

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