Rapper Trina Discusses Her Difficult Journey To Motherhood After Experiencing Four Losses

Rapper Trina Discusses Her Difficult Journey To Motherhood After Experiencing Four Losses

In recent years we’ve seen some of our favorite celebrities step into motherhood. While the entertainment industry has long discouraged woman from having children, we are seeing a shift in how motherhood is perceived with several superstars managing to juggle kids with their massive careers. From Beyonce to Nicki, Janet Jackson and even Mariah Carey. Unfortunately for Trina, she has not been able to join on that journey yet, and has suffered several miscarriages on her road to becoming a mom.

While female hip-hop is now a booming industry, for a long time, it was a very difficult lane to navigate for many. In 1998 when Trina made her debut, the genre was in a renaissance thanks to recent successes from Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, and Foxy Brown. Trina brought a different flavor to the game, mixing the appeal of Lil Kim with her Miami swagger.  Born Katrina Laverne Taylor, she debuted alongside Trick Daddy in the single “Nann N****a.” She was able to score a deal at Atlantic Records under Trick’s Slip-N-Slide and released her first album Da Baddest Chick that same year.  Trina would go on to become the most consistent female in hip-hop thanks to a steady stream of releases throughout the ’00s at a time when many of her contemporaries went completely off the map.
Despite all her success, one thing Trina has yet to check off her list is becoming a mother. During her TV One Unsung, she opened up about how difficult it has been for her over the years. Trina explains how the four miscarriages she’s suffered make her fearful of trying to have children. “As a woman, sometimes I didn’t know how to bounce back from that,” she says. “What I experienced it was hurtful, and you’re not me; you’re not in my shoes, so you can’t walk in the pain that I walked in to feel that.”

In addition to the pain of the experience, Trina also explained how she was discouraged from having kids completely by her labels because it could ruin her career. Unfortunately, they would have their way, as Trina has never been able to carry a pregnancy to full term. “Maybe I’m not supposed to be a mom,” she said while crying. Trina ultimately decided that she no longer wanted to try following her mother getting sick in 2015.
Trina has been a in a few high-profile relationships. She dated fellow rapper Lil Wayne between 2005 and 2007. The two were engaged to be married and share matching tattoos. It’s been rumored that Trina was pregnant for Lil Wayne during their relationship, but she never confirmed this information. Later she would date NBA star, Kenyon Martin. The pair were together from 2007 to 2010. This was followed by French Montana, whom she was with from 2012 to 2014. It’s unclear if any of her other miscarriages were with any of these men.

The rapper is currently in a relationship with Raymond Taylor. The pair announced their engagement in 2015. They have shared their love with the world via their storyline on Love & Hip-Hop: Miami.  Trina how not revealed if she has any physical ailments holding her back. Fellow rapper Eve has been very open about her fight to become a mom and how fibroids keep her from getting pregnant for years until she had them removed. She finally had her first child this year.

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