Are You Still Listening To R Kelly’s Music? Celebrities React To His Sentencing, While Fans Start A Petition

Are You Still Listening To R Kelly’s Music? Celebrities React To His Sentencing, While Fans Start A Petition

R. Kelly will officially be serving 30 years behind bars. Despite officially being declared guilty and sentenced, fans and critics believe that his music should still be celebrated. Hollywood Unlocked recently asked fans their current stance on the embroiled R&B star. “Ya’ll still listening to R. Kelly songs or nah?” they asked fans.

Tory Lanez chimed in immediately, arguing that it is hard to dislike a song that has already made an impact on you. “Yeah for sure … not [messing] with him as a person … but I can’t UNLIKE A SONG .. it already resonated,” he responded. One person agreed with him saying “@torylanez I agree 💯

…His character has nothing to do with the talent he upheld as a person…Gotta be able to separate the two!!”  Others feel that his guilty verdict definitely affects their listening experience and have decided to put his catalog to rest. “Haven’t since that documentary came out, and I learned the facts/details. It’s even hard for me to listen to songs he’s on/produced & wrote to be honest.”


Some celebrities have already chimed in and voiced their support of either R. Kelly or his victims. Lil Boosie took to social media to voice his appreciation for R. Kelly’s music, enjoying it on a boat while shaking his head in disbelief of the verdict. “Man, they did my boy R. Kelly dirty. Can’t take this way from him, though,” he said while turning up his music. Boosie then tweeted, “Get this man some help n some jail time but don’t give him a death sentence,30 years Maybe he can one get out one day n warn these young girls about older predators n make a difference ? but 30 years like Come on world.”


Azriel Clary was one of the women who dated R. Kelly before he went to jail. While she initially supported her man and defended their relationship, she’s recently came around and admitted that she was conditioned by R. Kelly and suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Shortly following the verdict coming out she tweeted, “the devil don’t play fair but God do!”

Lil Duval decided to use the moment to plug a skit he did several years ago, poking fun of R. Kelly. He took an interview R. Kelly originally did with Toure and cut in responses from himself. “Can y’all believe I did this r Kelly skit almost 20 years ago? I’m really ahead of my time.” One person responded to his video, saying, “You wasn’t ahead, we all knew. He just ran out of money.”


Prior to him officially being sentenced, fans were still team Kellz. Many were demanding new music from the star. One person tweeted, “Can they tell R Kelly to drop just one album, then they lock him up We deserve it!” Others were eager for him to participate in the highly popular Verzuz series. Many people have debated who could go against R. Kelly due to his extensive catalog full of hits. Many argue that Mariah Carey would be the only one who could face him because of her accomplishments as a songwriter, which rival his.

Many fans prefer a male to take on R. Kelly and have thrown Usher’s name in the mix. The guys have collaborated before on “Same Girl” and have been crowned King of R&B by many fans.  One person thinks he already met his match and joked “Nobody beating R Kelly in a verzuz but the judicial system.”

R. Kelly has a loyal following that has continued to support him despite all the evidence out against him. Many of them are older women of color who feel that the court system is out to get R. Kelly. “So the Media is telling the story they have been instructed to tell. The REAL truth will be revealed. Those who truly support Robert Kelly will not be silent! #FreeRKelly. Another said “The Federal Government took advantage of Mr. Kelly because they also knew about his disabilities and violated his rights. #FreeRKelly

Most of his diehard fans are arguing that court documents actually prove his innocence, and his conviction is a result of him being made an example off. With all the uproar over his sentencing, many are wondering why the parents and handlers involved in his organization have not been put behind bars as well.

One R. Kelly fan by the name of ‘Shaneil Kelly’ started a petition two days ago to have the ‘parents of the R. Kelly trial charged. In her description, Shaneil wrote, Rkelly shouldn’t be the only one charge in the horrific and terrible crimes everyone had parts should be held accountable. Including the parents of the minors for trafficking their minor children to rkelly and staff should be charged also. Justice need to be served in every way. Within the first 48 hours nearly 1,000 individuals have signed the petition. In the comments many fans voiced their anger claiming ‘those so called parent played a part.’ Others believed the amount of time the singer received was unfair.

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