R&B Singer Keri Hilson Claims The Cheapest Thing A Man Can Offer A Woman Is An Expensive Gift

R&B Singer Keri Hilson Claims The Cheapest Thing A Man Can Offer A Woman Is An Expensive Gift

It’s a well-known phrase: “You know it ain’t trickin’ if you got it.” It’s also a well-known practice for men to spend lavishly on a woman they are intrigued with or attempting to date. Celebrity couples are known for their extravagant birthday gifts whether it’s $500,000 in cash or a brand new Lamborghini truck. But R&B singer and songwriter Keri Hilson has a message for men who behave this way and for the women that willingly accept them.

We’ve seen it happen many times before. Receiving gifts tends to be a beautiful gesture, especially when given with no ill-intentions. Cards, candy, teddy bears, or even shopping trips could suffice for many. But oftentimes, the bigger the bank account, it appears that the level of gifts must also increase. Maybe they feel as though the woman on the receiving end will socially annihilate them in public if the gift doesn’t match the perceived finances.

Take, for instance, Lil Uzi Vert’s relationship with City Girls rapper JT. For her recent 29th birthday, Uzi not only took his beau to dinner, but he rented out an amusement park as well. Capping off the day, JT was surprised with a brand new McLaren 720S, worth hundreds of dollars. JT took to social media to show off the astonishing presents and called the day “perfect.”

There’s also the gift that stems from wrongdoing. For example, Cardi B has been showered with expensive gifts from her husband, Offset. There have been multiple instances where he’s been accused of cheating. During her performance at Rolling Loud in 2018, Offset had a team of people run on stage with numerous roses that spelled out “Take Me Back, Cardi.” According to a report from CheatSheetthe grand gesture allegedly happened to run Offset $15k in costs.

For many women, movements like this could tug at their heartstrings, and no doubt change their minds. But for “Pretty Girl Rock” singer Keri Hilson, that’s not the case. Instead, taking to her social media, she warns women against men who continually behave in that manner. “Often, the cheapest thing a man can offer you is an expensive gift,” tweeted Keri Hilson.

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