Tyrese Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife $10,000 a month in Child Support

Tyrese Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife $10,000 a month in Child Support

Update: Tyrese Ordered To Pay Over $10,000 A Month In Child Support For 3-year-Old Daughter He Shares W/ Samantha Lee Gibson


Update: Tyrese was ordered by the judge to pay $10,690 a month in child support for three-year-old daughter Soraya. The ruling comes after the entertainer shot down his estranged wife’s request for $20,000 a month in child support, claiming the amount is “unreasonably high.”

While speaking on the designated child support amount, Superior Court Judge Kevin M. Farmer in Fulton County, Georgia, said,


The judge also advised Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson not to speak badly about each other in front of their child.

According to reports, during the ruling, which took place on Tuesday (Aug. 30), Tyrese also became officially single as the judge granted the petition for divorce from Samantha Lee Gibson.


Original Story: Tyrese Gibson may have the funds to purchase his teenage daughter a Rolls Royce Ghost, but he apparently doesn’t have enough to pay spousal support.

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Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee-Gibson tied the knot in 2017 and she filed for divorce in September 2020. She is the mother of his three-year-old daughter Soraya Lee Gibson.

During their court appearance, Tyrese also petitioned for joint physical and legal custody of Soraya, as well as final say on non-medical emergencies for the child. He also claimed that his soon-to-be ex-wife’s request for $20,000 a month in child support is


Tyrese Not Allowed To Spank Daughter

This will mark Tyrese‘s second divorce, as he was previously married to Norma Mitchell, who is the mother of his oldest daughter Shayla. The two got divorced in 2009 and appear to now be in a much better space following a custody battle and accusations that the singer had been physically abusive to their daughter.

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Tyrese Gibson won a small victory in divorce court on Tuesday. A Fulton County (GA) Superior Court judge ordered him to pay his ex, Samantha Lee Gibson, $10,690 a month in child support for their three-year-old daughter, Soraya.

Samantha had requested $20,000 a month so she could continue to enjoy the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to.

However, the “Fast and Furious” actor argued that the amount was “unreasonably high” since movie roles have dried up.

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According to TMZ, the judge addressed the actor in court, saying, “This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child!”

Tyrese Gibson & wife Samantha


The judge also advised Samantha and Tyrese not to bad mouth each other in front of the baby. The former couple is pictured in 2017 during happier times.

The judge advised Tyrese that the $10,690 a month payments dates back to when Samantha first filed for divorce in Sept. 2020, which means he owes her a lump sum of $209,000.

However, since Tyrese had been making Samantha’s car payments for 2 years, the judge deducted $46,000 from the lump sum.

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The judge said neither party will pay spousal support. Tyrese also gets to keep his prized Range Rover and agreed to let Samantha have their Land Rover.

The judge granted Samantha’s petition for divorce, meaning they are both officially back on the market.

Tyrese and Samantha announced their break up in December 2020 and vowed to remain the “best of friends” for the sake of their daughter.


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