Teyana Taylor says threesomes with her husband doesn’t mean she’s ‘trying to keep her man’

Teyana Taylor says threesomes with her husband doesn’t mean she’s ‘trying to keep her man’

Teyana Taylor‘s second studio album has finally been released, nearly four years since her debut, VII, came out in 2014. And although there are only eight songs on K.T.S.E., every track satisfies. One of the standouts is “3Way,” which is pretty self-explanatory.


Taylor leads in the writing credits for that track, and as she confessed in an interview this week with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, she writes from experience (with husband Iman Shumpert).



“Ok, look [laughs]. Listen, I ain’t finna sing about nothing that I ain’t been through. Ok? My album just is what it is,” she said.


“I’m not saying it’s what you have to do,” she added when speaking on threesomes. “I’m saying when you make a vow, and when you’re married, it ain’t no limits. Period. It ain’t no, what you gon’ do, what you not gon’ do. Why do we get married? How we gon’ get married and then have limits?”

The 27-year-old wife and mom also made the song to refute the belief that it’s always the men initiating or asking for certain sexual experiences. She said that she speaks openly and honestly about her desires in their relationship.

Teyana Taylor On Threesomes: "When You're Married, It Ain't No Limits"

“I also wanted to create something to where, I feel like, a lot of the times, in society, we make it to where it’s always the guy that wants it,” she said. “It’s always like, it gotta be birthday or Christmas to get that. It gotta be a holiday to get it. But it’s like, listen, I think that my husband is extremely sexy. I love to explore. Call me Dora. I’m Dora the Explorer in my marriage. I’m Curious George.”

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However, she doesn’t want to encourage anyone to take part in things they’re not comfortable with for the sake of trying to prove something to a partner and to keep a relationship. But she does believe that when one gets married, being open-minded can only help to make things last.

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“One thing I want to do is be very, very clear. Ladies, and gentlemen, do not force yourself to do anything that you don’t want to do. Because sometimes they do hear a song and feel like, ‘Oooh, should I do this?’ ‘Does this make me a better girlfriend?’ ‘Does this make me a better wife?’ No. Everybody has a choice. Because my poor husband, I be like, ‘Babe, let’s try this!’ He be like, ‘Baaaabe.’ So it’s not always the guy, and it’s not a forceful thing.


My husband doesn’t force me to do anything I don’t want to do. Sometimes I be suggesting stuff, he be looking at me like I’ve got five heads. But we also understand marriage. That’s how I feel. If you make a vow, what’s the next step? If we already humpin’ before marriage, then what’s the next step once you’re married and you done said your vows? You plan to be together for the rest of your lives? Baby, we’ve got to keep it spicy.”

Might be unorthodox, but if it works for their marriage (and it clearly does because their chemistry and sexual energy is strong), then that’s what matters.

You can hear her comments on this particular topic at the 45:30 mark below:

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Teyana Taylor defended her practice of sharing women with her husband, Iman Shumpert.


During the podcast “Bumble Presents Luv2SeeIt with Teyana Taylor,” the mom-of-two told singer Jidenna that her open marriage works because she and Iman communicate well.

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Teyana says agreeing to threesomes with her husband doesn’t mean a woman is “trying to keep her man.”

“You’ll be surprised how the woman initiates a lot of stuff,” she said.

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“Put some respect on a woman’s swag. I feel like it’s always like, they’re trying to take that away from a woman to feel like, ‘Oh, you doing it because that’s what he wants.’ And it’s like… actually, I run this sh*t.”

Teyana said they haven’t had a threesome in a while due to their busy schedules and raising their two daughters.

She says communication is the key to avoid resentment in their marriage.

Watch the video below.

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