FAMU Grad Who Posed Nude On Campus Shared Cryptic Message About Waiting For Her Degree To Be Conferred

FAMU Grad Who Posed Nude On Campus Shared Cryptic Message About Waiting For Her Degree To Be Conferred

“If I’m going down, 3 professors are going down with me🥳,” Williams wrote.

A Florida A&M University graduate, Terica Williams, 24, shared a cryptic message following the criticism she received for taking provocative photos on campus and posting them to her social media accounts.

The renowned university in Tallahassee, Florida, launched an investigation into the matter.

“Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson, Jr., Ph.D., said, ‘The university is aware of the picture taken and is currently investigating the incident,’” read the news release.

Williams posted on her Instagram story a series of messages asking for her followers support and prayers while raising some eyebrows when she referenced three professors she allegedly planned to take down with her.

“If I’m going down, three professors are going down with me,” Williams wrote in response to her degree possibly being revoked.

“All I want is for my degree to be conferred. I don’t want no problems with anyone,” Williams wrote in another post on her Instagram Story.

“Prayers, please,” she added in another shared message. “Any other person would of crumbled in my position. I’m really built different.”


Williams has even posted a TikTok video mocking her unfortunate situation. She titled the footage “if they try to take my degree” while wearing a green cap and gown, with a courtroom green screen as a background as she pleads in court to keep her degree.


The comedic part of it all is the background music of Williams’ video as she sings the words “sorry, sorry” and fights to keep her degree in her hands.

Twitter users carried the news over to the opinionated app, where many had questions about her threat toward her professors.

“This FAMU situation just keeps getting shittier,” one user tweeted.

“And tell dem professors cut da check before you run a bag up on em,” another person wrote.

“I hope she exposes everybody! Leverage anything for that expensive degree,” another user tweeted. “This being the FAMU broad that had her ass out all makes sense now.”

FAMU has yet to comment further on the matter since their initial statement following Williams’s photo shoot.

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