Love & Hip Hop’s Alexis Skyy Is PREGNANT . . . By Guess Which ATLANTA CAST MEMBER!!

Love & Hip Hop’s Alexis Skyy Is PREGNANT . . . By Guess Which ATLANTA CAST MEMBER!!

Media Take Out just got a glimpse of one of the storylines for the new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. On the new season, Alexis Skyy is returning, and according to our sources she’s PREGNANT and carrying the child of a current cast member.

According to a rock solid sources who spoke with Media Take Out, Alexis is reportedly pregnant with Scrapp Deleon’s child.

Scrapp and Alexis attended hip hop/dancehall star Spice’s album release party (on streaming now) – and Alexis was sporting what many believed to be a “noticeable” baby bump.

And there were other indications that Alexis was pregnant. First off, she didn’t drink ANY alcohol – despite the fact that alcohol was flowing freely at the event. According to people who know Alexis, it is VERY unusual for her not to drink during an event where high quality alcoholic beverages are given to guests for free.

And Scrapp was there by her side for the entire event, appearing to be extra protective of the gorgeous and glowing Alexis.

Here are some images from the event:

In A Social Media Posted from March, The ‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Star Claims That She Has Been Reaching Out To Her Baby Daddy But He Never Responds To Her Call.

Alexis Skyy continued to call out her baby daddy on social media. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star, who shares daughter Alaiya with Brandon Medford, recently slammed him on Instagram Story for allegedly neglecting their child.

“It’s so sad that @brandonmedford continues to lie and neglect alaiya really is but you take care of your other kids,” the 27-year-old argued. “But it’s okay you keep speaking on God and your blessings. Your day is coming I been nothing but cordial and cool.”

Alexis went on to claim that she has “been calling reaching out and no response.” She then fumed, “But you have time to pick up your other daughter & son only reason why I’m even taggin is now days is the only way to get a response.”

This was not the first time Alexis accused Brandon of being an absent father. Back in September 2021, she penned in a now-deleted post, “I pray God puts the right ‘MAN’ in my life & for a GOOD MAN to be a father figure to my daughter I been so calm and quiet but enough is enough you can’t force a man to love a child better yet his child.”

“There is a lot I blame myself for and I can own up to that but my daughter is pure and innocent she doesn’t deserve looking out the window asking daddy come get me,” the reality star further lamented. “Daddy call me back & daddy is on IG flexing to the world like he is just this man of GOD living the right way when your not missed her birthday [sic].”


“Never calls when we tell her she’s in hospital seen other kids what are you embarrassed of her she didn’t ask to go through the pain she went through,” she continued. “GOD will remove it all from you. Your kids come first.”

The ex-girlfriend of Fetty Wap later wrote in another Story, “It k*lls me to leave my baby to go work but sometimes as a mother we gotta make sacrifices to make sure our babies are good forever.” She then declared, “I won’t ever give up on my baby girl idc if I have to continue to be her father and mother but this s**t isn’t easy I promise some days I just want to breakdown and cry but I can’t.”

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Alexis Skyy is back in the new age of Love and Hip Hop, and according to reliable sources, she is pregnant and transmitting the offspring of her primary acting part, Scrapp Deleon.
As indicated by a source who has spoken with Media Take Out, Love, and Hip Hop Atlanta cast since Season 9, Alexis is credited with accompanying 34-year-old offspring, Scrab.

Alexis Skyy has been a supporting part of the cast since season 9 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She has also appeared in the fourth and ninth seasons of Love, Hip Hop Hollywood, and New York, separately.

Love and hip-hop star Alexis Skyy is pregnant with baby Scrapp DeLeon According to some reports, Alexis Skyy is back in the new times of pregnancy and hip-hop and is passing on the offspring of part of the cast. Sources guarantee that she is having a baby with Scrapp Deleon.

Alexis and Scrubb went to the head party of the hip-hop star/dancehall’s new group Spice. On this occasion, Alexis wore what some kissed as an unmistakable baby hit.On this occasion, Alexis shy away from cocktails, despite the fact that alcoholic beverages can be accessed in abundance without a reservation in the program. As many who know Alexis have pointed out, it is very farfetched for her not to drink cocktails.

Alexis’ evasion of liquor and drinks on this occasion caused individuals to accept that she was pregnant. Also, reports about Alexis transferring Scrappy Deleon’s child seem to have been accurate, as they appeared on the occasion with him.

American reality TV personality Alexis Skyy Age Alexis Skyy is an American television personality, model, artist, and business visionary who is well known for her appearances on the VH1 TV show Love and Hip Hop. She’s now emerging as really newsworthy for being pregnant with a member of the cast.

Alexis, 27, was born on the 14th of July 1994, in Long Island City, New York, USA. Her original name is Anastasia McFarland, and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

She spends her life as a young woman in Amityville, New York. She spoiled the potential opportunity to enjoy her experience while growing up with her father. However, she met her father very interestingly when she was eighteen, because he was missing.

Alexis, including her siblings: Eliza Zafira, Amani, Lauren, Khari, and Zy Wai, grew up together under the tutelage of her mother and grandmother. According to the married biography, Alexis’ nationality is a mixture of Jamaican and Dominican.

Alexis Skyy Net Worth According to Celebrity Net Worth, Alexis has total assets of $500 thousand. The majority of her earnings and abundance come from her active career as an entertainment organizer and unscripted television star. Her work on the VH1 TV series Love and Hip Hop made her a huge fortune.

The well-known unscripted TV personality Alexis shows off her rich lifestyle on her Instagram profile. As indicated by various sources, it possesses many precious stones and plots of land.

She invested a portion of her career earnings in the Lux House Magnificence Bar opening festival. Lux House Beauty Bar offers pretty much every franchise department, including hair, waxing, facials, and even Botox.

Meet Alexis Skyy on Instagram Lead producer of the movie Love and Hip Hop Alexis makes a move to share her hypnotic photos on Instagram. Hence, the American Instagram model has amassed over 5 million devotees on her Instagram profile.
She moves on to tell fans about her recent activities and presents her with important life-changing situations. Aside from Instagram, Alexis is similarly dynamic on Twitter and Facebook, with a few thousand devotees.

Skyy earned her rivalry titles with Masika Kalyasha in 2017. She is also known for her two-year relationship with Fetty Wap which ended separately in 2016.

In 2017, Alexis announced that she was pregnant and indicated that Viti Wap is the baby’s father. Unfortunately, she gave birth to her young daughter prematurely. Some time after the transfer, the baby underwent a medical procedure due to hydrocephalus problems.

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