How Many Kids Does Love & Hip Hop Rapper Yung Joc Have In 2022?

How Many Kids Does Love & Hip Hop Rapper Yung Joc Have In 2022?

It’s starting to feel like a competition these days over who can make the most children. Nick Cannon has been busy growing his tribe, with the likes of NBA YoungBoy, Kountry Wayne, and more fighting to catch up. Rapper Young Joc seems to have everyone beat, however. In a recent social media post, fans counted 13 kids in a photo of him with his children. Is the “It’s Going Down” hitmaker really daddy to over a dozen kids? 

Jasiel Amon Robinson is an Atlanta-based rapper and reality star who famously goes by Yung Joc. Joc started his parenting journey in the early 2000s with his long-time girlfriend, Fatimah. The two welcomed Amoni Robinson. Amoni is currently in his early 20s and has recently joined his dad on the series “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” The two got into a physical altercation recently when it was revealed that Amoni was hanging out with a man who got his father’s club shut down in 2019 after shooting several security people. Joc admits that his son had actually approached him to apologize, but things escalated.

Joc says that while he appreciated his son wanting to apologize, he felt the young man did not take the incident seriously, which led to their discussion escalating. “But then it kind of got to the point where like, ‘Man, I’m grown, I don’t want you telling me when I’m wrong.’ I was like, ‘what?’ It was the bucket for me, you know what I’m saying?”

While Joc never married Amoni’s mom, he was married to another woman for 13 years. Alexandria Robinson and Yung Joc share three children together and met in high school. They wed in 2001 and welcomed Ja’Kori Robinson, Amir Robinson, and Chase Robinson during their union. The two split in 2012 and divorced officially in 2014.


If Joc is really competing with Nick Cannon, the two are neck and neck in this category. Like Nick, Joc has also welcomed two sets of twins with two different women. Joc is said to have had an affair on Alexandria with reality star Karlie Redd. Karlie would have twins, Cadence and Camora. They were born while Joc was still married. Karlie has gone on to become her own entity and has had several relationships while dipping in and out of reality shows.  Joc would later welcome Eden and Allon with a woman named Sina Dina. Sina was reportedly pregnant around the same time as Karlie Redd.


Yung Joc got arrested earlier this year on child abandonment charges. Joc only spent an hour behind bars and was able to post bail at $1300. According to the rapper, one of his baby mothers got upset after he started paying less child support so that he could put some of his finances towards his wedding. Joc argues that he was paying a lot of money and ahead of time so that he would have no issues with her. He realized at one point that he was paying too much, and when he pulled back on funding, she hit him with child support papers. Joc says he was giving her $4 to $5k a month but did not confirm which mother it was. He said he dropped it down to $1500, and that’s when things soured.


Last week, Yung Joc posted a photo on his Instagram seated on a large couch full of kids. In the caption, he said, “Say what you want. I’m a lucky guy.” While some fans recognized some of the children as Joc’s, there were at least five kids more than we are in the know of. Fans began to question if Joc was a proud father of 13 and not eight like we had all originally counted.

Fans immediately swooped in with questions. “Did I count 13?” “Them all your kids?” Another person said, “We don’t care how many kids you have as long as you can love and care for them live and in person. These babies are loved 😍

” Joc has yet to confirm or deny if all the kids photographed were his or not.

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