Kandi Burruss’ Blaze Restaurant Back In The News Again, This Time For Incident Involving Two Employees

Kandi Burruss’ Blaze Restaurant Back In The News Again, This Time For Incident Involving Two Employees

Kandi Burruss is a successful musician, television star, and entrepreneur. The talented songwriter has used her success in music to expand into various other worlds, including restaurants. She has two establishments in her hometown of Atlanta, Old Lady Gang, and Blaze Steakhouse. Both spots have been featured heavily in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and recently in the news. This year for poor reviews from fans and low health inspection score, and today because of a incident involving its employees.

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Last year, Kandi had the cast of RHOA stop by the recently opened Blaze to review the restaurant. They sampled several of the Steakhouse’s signature dishes, including salad with homemade carrot-ginger dressing, garlic crab noodles, glazed prawns, and the signature lobster jambalaya. They even had red-velvet cheesecake, chocolate cake, and fried apple pie. Cynthia Bailey opened up about her dining experience there and claimed to really enjoy the food. She praised the brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, and steak. “Oh, they had crab claws, I think, too! My mouth is watering even talking about it, honestly.”



Despite the high praise from her cast members, it seemed the restaurant was not a hit with the food inspection authorities. Both of her locations, Old Lady Gang and Blaze Steakhouse, were given C ratings upon their reviews in 2021. They reported that both lacked any active managerial control to prevent any foodborne illnesses. The inspectors found dairy items, raw seafood, and other foods kept at temperatures that were not up to standard. There was also no hand soap found in the main kitchen or prep areas. Blaze’s score was so bad that it got shut down in order for Kandi and her team to make adjustments.

Fans have also criticized Kandi for her overpriced items at both locations. Many took to TikTok to post videos of the poorly prepped food, cheap chairs, and overpriced menus. “Dear @kandi, please explain this?? This is NOT OKAY. I was looking forward to supporting your business. I don’t know how this is acceptable!” said one person. A Georgia-based attorney named Ryan Williams posted a photo of his receipt, showing that he was charged “$30 for two Hennessys, $4 for two ‘rocks,’ $15 for a cheeseburger and fries, and $8 for a Red Bull. and an 18% percent gratuity was added to his order. Along with tax, his meal totaled $72.58.” He captioned his post “FIX THIS GHETTO ASS S–T” and tagged Kandi.


Unfortunately, their issues have gotten worst this week after a shooting incident occurred at Blaze. Apparently, the incident took place between two employees , with the individual responsible currently on the run. The South Fulton Police department confirmed that the employees were involved in a verbal and then physical disagreement, and one pulled out a weapon firing at the other employee in the arm who happens to be Kandi Burruss’ cousin and restaurant chef. The chef was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
This is not the first time an incident of this nature happened at one of their establishments. Old Lady Gang had an incident in 2020 after a man entered the restaurant and targeted another man. East Point Police Captain Allyn Glover confirmed that two bystanders were also injured in that incident, and all three victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

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