EXCLUSIVE: Ray J And Wife Princess Love BACK TOGETHER . . . Both Forgive Each Others Cheating!

EXCLUSIVE: Ray J And Wife Princess Love BACK TOGETHER . . . Both Forgive Each Others Cheating!

Ray J and his wife Princess Love are officially back together, Media Take Out has confirmed. Last year, Princess filed to divorce her reality star husband, after she caught him cheating on her with multiple young women.


After filing the divorce documents, Princess reportedly began dating also – which angered her husband Ray J. And for a while it looked like their marriage was over.

Well Media Take Out confirmed that the couple has officially reunited, and are more in love than ever.

Last night, the couple made a public appearance together, at female hip hop/Dancehall star Spice’s album release party. By the way, Spice’s new album is available for streaming today – and it’s FIRE!!

Media Take Out was in the building when we caught pics of Ray J and Princess arriving together, and holding hands like a happy couple.


In the newest episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” Princess and Ray J met up at their former house (Ray J still lives there; Princess moved out) to discuss where things went left during their marriage. Things were simi-peaceful at first, but quickly took a turn for the worst once both parties offered different explanations to what caused their marriage to decline.

While Ray J’s argument was, “I was dying and you didn’t come to the hospital,” as the reason why he filed for divorce, Princess felt the marriage hit its end after Ray J’s continuous infidelities with “str*ppers and pr*stitutes.”

The R&B singer quickly received backlash from fans after his rebuttal statement to Princess’ allegations by saying his infidelity isn’t valid because, “Str*ppers and Pr*stitutes don’t count.”

Ray J decided to further back up his response by claiming that Princess was the real villain due to her forming an intimate relationship with one man after the “One Wish” singer filed for divorce.

“You grew a connection with somebody, you like somebody. I’ve never liked nobody; that’s a problem. Whether I got my d—- s—- by a random in an alley or not, I don’t know this b—- name.” He continued aggressively saying, “You like a n— and building a relationship with somebody is deep, and I’ve never done that.”


Fans rushed to social media where they analyzed the former couple’s argument and sided with either Ray J or Princess Love.

“Being with someone without a connection is worse, what is wrong with people”

“I get what he’s trying to say however connection or not, once in a relationship you shouldn’t be with anyone else.”

“Men and women view s** diffeently, I’m not saying he’s right, I’m just saying.”

Good decision both of us..

“So transferring souls to your wife from a woman you don’t know isn’t cheating? Wow.”

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