Ne-Yo Allegedly Juggling 3 Mistresses — Including Pregnant Sidepiece

Ne-Yo Allegedly Juggling 3 Mistresses — Including Pregnant Sidepiece

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Singer Ne-Yo is allegedly juggling three mistresses which led to his estranged wife filing for divorce.

According to MediaTakeout, one of Ne-Yo’s mistresses claims she is pregnant with his sixth child.

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The unidentified woman claims she is friends with Ne-Yo’s other 2 side pieces, whom she refers to as “sister-wives.”
Photo may have been deleted


Ne-Yo’s long-suffering wife Crystal Smith (pictured) filed for divorce in August after scrubbing his photos from her Instagram account.

Crystal, 35, accused Ne-Yo of being a serial cheater who fathered a child out of wedlock. She is asking for the couple’s marital home and permanent spousal support. Insiders say Crystal is focused on raising her children and has no plans to remarry.

Ne-Yo filed an answer to the divorce petition, obtained by, asking a judge to reject Crystal’s permanent alimony request.

Ne-Yo argued that Crystal was a talented stripper when they first met. And he says she should return to the strip club to support herself financially.

The “Don’t Love Me” singer also wants the judge to evict Crystal from his Georgia house and to deny her full custody of their three minor children.

Ne-Yo, 42, insists he is an “active and loving father to his children.”

“[Ne-Yo] asserts that he is financially, physically, and emotionally capable of serving as a joint physical custodian of the parties’ three minor children alongside [Crystal].”

Furthermore, Ne-Yo asked for both parties to pay their own debts.

Question: Whose side are you on?

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