Teacher Braids Student’s Hair At School, Reminds Why ‘We Need More Black Teachers’

Teacher Braids Student’s Hair At School, Reminds Why ‘We Need More Black Teachers’

A little act of kindness has sparked a trend on the internet, and it says, “We Need More Bl**k Teachers.” Vanessa Sefa, an English educator from The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy in Croydon, London, posted a before and after image of the hair of one of her students on Twitter. She also posted a video that has become viral. Apparently, a black student of Sefa, Purity Agyeman came to her with messy hair ruined by heavy rainfall and asked her help.



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Sefa tweeted, “Bl**k y8 girl came to me during the break, crying, with her natural hair shrunk by the rain.” With only 15 minutes left to the student’s class and no tool around Sefa still managed to sort the hair of the girl. She made the video of the incident and also took pictures of the before and after the state of her hair. She posted the images and video on Twitter, and the tweet has garnered a lot of attention.


Sefa also posted, “In under 15m & with the wrong tools I got the girl out with 2 rushed cornrows. Being black & that age, hair can mean so much. This is one of the many reasons we need more #Blackteachers #BHM.” According to Sefa, for small kids, particularly black, taking care of their hair could be quite overwhelming. Therefore, it’s essential to help them whenever possible.



Her student purity is quite a confident girl and likes to wear the hairstyle that goes naturally with her hair. However, on that particular day, her hair got totally messed up due to rain. “With tears in her eyes, she expressed that she wasn’t going to go around school like this all day and would rather go home. Her hair had started to shrink and consequently tangle up as a result of the friction from her hood and the rain ba*eri!g it.”



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Although Purity’s hair was a total mess and she only had 15 minutes before class, Sefa got down to sort her hair. She said, “Halfway through a doughnut, I froze, I looked at her, looked at her hair, and then at the time, then with 15 minutes until lessons began said, ‘ok, sit down, let’s go’.” With no tools around, Sefa used her fingers to unwind Purity’s hairs and put them in two cornrows. Purity was overjoyed when she saw her hair was looking great.



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According to Sefa, hairs have a huge say in one’s identity and image. She further added, For anyone, irrespective of gender and race, hair is often a major part of one’s identity. Black hair particularly is often pre-loaded with governmental or revolutionary theories and sentiments, even if the individual is unaware of the context or is simply existing. Black hair is sometimes seen as ‘unkempt,’ ‘ra**cal’ and even dirty. Due to these multi-layered narratives, Bl**k people are often hyper aware of what their hair says about them.”

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