95-Year-Old Crossing Guard Returns To Work In South Carolina After Being Bored At Home

95-Year-Old Crossing Guard Returns To Work In South Carolina After Being Bored At Home

The 95-year-old returned to work after being retired for a month.

Estella Williams, a 95-year-old South Carolina woman who retired after working as a crossing guard for 25 years, is coming back to her job after a short-lived retirement. According to Live 5 News, Williams answered the call when Anderson School District Five said more help was needed.



“I just love it,” Williams told Live 5 News when asked about her passion for the job. “I try to do the people right. I don’t let them stay too long. I try to give everybody a chance.”


The crossing guard, who has worked at Westside High School for 25 years, said she loves the community as much as they love her. Williams added that she prefers to stay busy instead of sitting around.


According to the Independent Mail, Williams returned on Monday after a month of retirement. While she put on her yellow vest and continued with her usual duty of directing traffic in the street, Williams was embraced by her own family and other community leaders. Lt. Greg Hayden, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office supervisor of crossing guards, was among those who welcomed back the beloved crossing guard.


Speaking to WYFF 4, Williams said she was bored at home.


“They were happy to see me come in,” Williams told WYFF News 4 after attending crossing guard orientation.


The 95-year-old also volunteers with other community organizations, including Meals on Wheels, Hospice and the Veterans Hospital.


Williams, who has her crossing guard gear on display at the Anderson Museum, said they gave her new gear at the orientation.

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