Actress Keke Palmer Stuns At Michael Kors Event In NYC

Actress Keke Palmer Stuns At Michael Kors Event In NYC

Keke Palmer is in a golden era of her career. The seasoned young starlet has a resume that would rival many of her predecessors, and 2022 saw her increase her star to new heights with a combination of films, television programs, music, and viral moments. The demand for all things Keke Palmer are at an all-time high between fan castings and upcoming releases. She recently set the runaway ablaze at the Michael Kors fashion show as well, proving that there are few places where Keke Palmer does not shine.

2022 has brought with some of Keke’s most well-received projects. She kicked off the year with the film Alice, a crime thriller that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival before going to theaters in March. She then lent her voice to the long awaited Toy Story-spinoff, Lightyear, starring opposite the titular character as Izzy Hawthrone. The summer brought with it Nope, a massive blockbuster helmed by Jordan Peele and starring Keke opposite Daniel Kaluuya.

Over on the television side, she’s been crushing it as a host. Keke took over for Megan Thee Stallion on the HBOMax series Legendary and was a judge for the ballroom show’s third season. She is also the host of Password on NBC opposite Jimmy Fallon.
Fans are eager for what is next from Palmer and have already begun fan-casting her in future roles. While the only upcoming properties on her IMDB are Being Mortal and The Hospital, Disney fans want to see Palmer become the next live-action princess following some racist feedback about Halle Bailey’s turn as Ariel. Fans took to social media to suggest that Rapunzel also get the black girl magic treatment and feel Keke is the right woman for the role. “I want Keke Palmer to play live-action Rapunzel with 100ft box braids,” said one fan. Keke reshared the tweet and said, “The internet already has me booked all next year. I’m not available until 2024 at this pace.” This would not be Keke’s first turn as a Disney princess. She is the second black actress to step into the role of Cinderella following Brandy in the 90s and the first woman of color to portray Cinderella on Broadway.

Marvel fans want a piece of Keke as well and have fancast her as Rouge from the X-Men franchise, circulating fanmade images of her as the popular mutant. The artist shared the image with the caption “the vision has never been clearer. #SorryToThisXMan,” to which Keke responded, “come on agent!” It’s not the first time social media helped Keke score a role. She found her way onto the last season of Insecure after fans mistook an excited tweet for her announcing a role on the series. “Hey, @IssaRae, there’s been a mix-up. I posted about my excitement for season 5 of ‘Insecure,’ and now everyone thinks I’m gonna be on it. We can’t let them down, put me in to beat Condola’s ass real quick,” she joked at the time.
Another place Keke is most comfortable is in the world of fashion. The diva is known for turning heads on runways and red carpets, creating viral moments in the process, like last year’s “it’s the stallion!!!” Met Gala interview. This year, she took to Michael Kors’s fashion show as his special guest and took to IG to gush about her time with the icon. Posing in a yellow dress, oversized yellow coat, gold bag and accessories, and an updo, Keke took us on her journey from the elevator to the red carpet as she posed it up for Paparazzi. In her caption, she thanked Kors for the invite and shared how he is actually a fan of her latest gig as the host of Password. “I just need y’all to know me and my Leo friend @michaelkors are the duo you needed. He said he gets home and says ‘put on Keke!’ aka PASSWORD! Haha, I was gagged honey. The password is: FrontRow.”

At the show, she posed it up with Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, and Alexandra Daddario, all stars who, like Keke, have grown up right before our eyes. While everyone was happy to see Keke strutting her stuff, some allege that her elevator pose with the bag covering her tummy gives her the appearance of being pregnant. Keke has yet to respond.

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